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$4 Million Victory Against Turner Industries

Jury returns verdict of over $4 million for two East Texas employees of Turner Industries subjected to racial steering, denial of advancement and racial harassment. These are two plaintiffs in a wave of hundreds to be tried. Since early 2009, Valli Kane & Vagnini and DiNovo Price & Ellwanger have jointly represented their clients in […]

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Will Obama End Employment Discrimination?

President Obama seems to hold the key which unlocked the door to his victory. What is the key to his success you ask? Simply addressing long lasting social issues. Close to two times as many women than men find concerns like same-sex marriage, abortion, and Employment Discrimination as the most important issues that determined their vote, based […]

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Change Comes Slowly to Rural United States

The issue of homosexual rights is an extremely touchy one in Montana. In 2008, a statewide controversy erupted once it was discovered that a copy of “The Joy of Gay Sex” was included inHelena’s Lewis & Clark Library. Homosexual acts are still illegal in the state; a referendum that would have decriminalized such acts was […]

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Congressman Todd Akin Fans Controversy Again

Todd Akin’s reputation for controversy hopefully peaked in . The Missouri Congressman, a Republican,  went on television in Saint Louis and implied that he believes women cannot become pregnant due to rape. The statement was immediately condemned by both Democrats and Republicans including Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan. Akin was […]

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Weight Discrimination: The Issue of the Future?

What do you think of when you think “employment discrimination?” The major civil rights victories of the 1960s are characteristically thought of as racial battles. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was seen largely as a victory for Americans of color. The Act was preceded in 1963 by the Equal Pay Act, which sought to […]

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A Small Town with a Rich Civil Rights History

When you drive through the small town of St. Augustine, Florida, your only thought is likely to be how nice of a vacation spot you’re in. Its architecture is gorgeous. The setting is idyllic. The city’s atmosphere is laid back. It is a city that is proud of its storied history, the first European settlement […]

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